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Massachusetts Historical Swordsmanship

Beginning at the Higgins Armory Museum in 2009 and moving to its current home after the Museum’s closing, MHS is a community of men and women exploring Western martial arts--the art, science, and spirit of the sword and other weapons as they were used in both combat and friendly encounters. Here, you will receive expert, safe, and martially realistic instruction in the knightly longsword and dagger, the Renaissance rapier, and the classical stick, staff, and heavy dueling sabre.

The class is led by Dr. Ken Mondschein, who has the unique qualifications of holding both a PhD in history and a fencing master’s certification, and offers a progressive system of instruction that builds overall fitness and coordination as you learn swordplay traditions both handed down from the days when a person’s life might depend on skill with a blade and reconstructed from the detailed treatises left to us by fencing masters of the past. Dr. Mondschein is an internationally known scholar in this field.

The class is open to any person age 16 or older (younger with instructor’s permission). Loaner equipment is available. Wear comfortable athletic clothes with long pants and (and an athletic cup for men). Low-top sneakers are preferable. These classes are somewhat strenuous in nature, involving aerobic and anaerobic exercise. If you have a preexisting illness, injury, or other condition, consult your physician and inform the instructor.

Please note that WHS is separate from Worcester Fencing Club, and requires separate fees. It is insured by the HEMA Alliance and not governed by USA Fencing.


Visit www.mhswords.com for schedule, fees and additional information.


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